What we do

Order of the Cipher was founded by Jay Jakosky in 2019 with a mission to “Make data security delightful!” Headquartered in Lafayette, Colorado, we offer comprehensive training courses and consulting on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the premier purveyor of cloud-based security infrastructure and services. 

With the wide variety of platforms and suites which promise to take care of an organization’s cybersecurity needs, it can be difficult to research, assess and commit to engage the right solution. Then, making sure that individuals and teams aren’t the “weak link” in the system means training in modalities that effectively impart key knowledge in essential concepts. Our training, designed exclusively for Amazon Web Services, is intended for Cloud practitioners that architect or build on AWS, and for those responsible for the security of an AWS Cloud.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Security is the premier purveyor of Cloud-based security infrastructure and services, and Order of the Cipher isuniquely positioned to deliver the highest-quality training in all aspects of AWS Cloud Security.


Order of the Cipher is a novel approach to training that combines theatrical presentation with proven teaching techniques to engage students and improve retention. These scientifically-proven techniques engage the whole brain—rather than just learning centers—with speed, storytelling, lights, sound, animation and technical content.


Our trainings are real- world immersion experiences that prepare students to expertly navigate the AWS ecosystem. Continuously testing to ensure that our instructions match lab content, we measure improvements in self-efficacy for individuals and for teams, and are able to rapidly improve our content using course-as-software techniques.

We’ve mastered Amazon Web Services, and we’ve perfected how to showcase the versatility and capability of AWS technology in a manner that provides far more than information or education. Our trainings are real-world immersion experiences that prepare students to expertly navigate the AWS ecosystem.

The team

Jay Jakosky
could be called “the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur.” He is a co-founder of the Murray-Boyd Corp., where he serves as the company’s Chief Technology Officer. A graduate of the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Economics, Jay has led technical teams serving such notable clients as JP Morgan Chase, Cisco Systems, Citibank, Polo Ralph Lauren, Symantec, BB&T Corp, John Wiley & Sons, Cushman-Wakefield and Martha Stewart Omnimedia.
Penny Morgan
Penny Morgan serves as Director of Training Services at Murray-Boyd Corp. with a focus on course development for the Order of the Cipher cybersecurity training programs. Her experience includes 11 years in banking management with numerous high-dollar projects, and 17 years technical experience in testing, compliance, and auditing.