The AWS Cloud and
Enhancing Backup

Erik Rush | March 3, 2021


In today’s data-driven environment, what is your organization’s most precious asset? Yes, it was a trick question: The answer is data. This is true whether your organization is processing financial data, storing customer information or disseminating proprietary documentation. These days, all organizational functions flow through digital datasets.

In recent years, companies, organizations and even government entities have engaged cloud computing (“the cloud”) to free themselves from managing their own servers or maintaining a larger IT department than they need. By migrating their computing resources to remote servers, these organizations turn their data, applications, and infrastructure over to the Internet, thereby lowering IT expenses and overhead.

What is a Cloud Backup?

Simply put, a cloud backup is a copy of a file or database that is provisioned to a secondary location in the cloud. This acts as insurance against the myriad disasters that can befall hardware and software. If data or equipment in the primary location are damaged or destroyed, it can be restored to its previous state, allowing the organization to resume operations with minimal disruption.

Most providers of cloud backup services offer secure interfaces that allow users to access and transfer files to and from cloud storage. The data is encrypted both in transit and at its destination. At present, there are three options for cloud backup solutions: Public, Private, and Hybrid.

Unfortunately, according to industry sources, approximately 29% of businesses have no data backup plans currently in place.

What is a Cloud Backup Strategy?

As we know, organizations of all sizes have fallen victim to cyberattacks and sensitive data leaks, from Mom-and-Pop neighborhood stores to the federal government. A single data breach in a large organization can result in lost records, company devaluations and a loss of consumer confidence—to say nothing of the potential for economic loss. Data loss can occur for all sorts of reasons, with fires, hacker attacks and natural disasters among them. If an organization fails to craft a backup strategy and loses data, recovery can be costly and time-consuming to say the least.

While 100% infallible or impenetrable protection strategies simply do not exist, data security in the cloud is still the most critical component of a recovery process. With all organizations vulnerable to attack, developing and implementing incident response and recovery strategies remains an imperative.

Backing Up to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud

AWS Backup enables organizations to centralize and automate data protection across AWS services using a cost-effective, fully managed, policy-based service that simplifies data protection at scale. AWS Backup also facilitates the support of regulatory compliance obligations and continuity goals. Together with AWS Organizations, AWS Backup enables centrally deployed data protection policies to configure, manage, and govern backup activity across an organization’s AWS accounts and resources.

AWS Backup integrates with AWS Storage Gateway, which is a hybrid storage service that enables on-premises applications to seamlessly use AWS Cloud storage. Organizations can use AWS Backup to back up applications data stored in AWS Storage Gateway volumes. Backups of AWS Storage Gateway volumes are securely stored in the AWS Cloud and are compatible with Amazon EBS, which facilitates the restoration of volumes to the AWS Cloud or to the on-premises environment.

With a centralized console to automate and manage backups across services, AWS Backup simplifies backup management, making it easy to ensure that application data across AWS services is backed up and protected.

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