The AWS Cloud:
The Safest Place
for Your Data

Erik Rush | Feb 24, 2021


The sheer volume of digital security threats represented in industry magazines and other resources these days is enough to make even the seasoned IT manager squirm. According to the online digital security magazine Security, four of 2021’s five biggest digital security threats directly target ordinary consumers as well as business and other organization types.

This is quite sobering, as are the stats and news articles concerning data breaches and sundry criminal activities we see reported with increasing regularity. According to the magazine, since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic alone, the FBI has seen a fourfold increase in cybersecurity complaints, with the global losses from cybercrime exceeding $1 trillion in 2020. Add to this the World Economic Forum reporting that the chances of catching and prosecuting a cybercriminal are around 0.05%, and the future can look decidedly bleak.

A “No-Brainer”? Not So Much…

This being the case, there is great concern and trepidation on the part of many vulnerable organizations (bearing in mind that nearly every organization is vulnerable to cybercrime to one extent or another) regarding data security. Now, it might seem something of a “no-brainer” that business awareness, preparation and resilience are critical to securing data and avoiding breaches. Yet, awareness of existing threats doesn’t always translate into organizations being proactive in this area.

There are a number of reasons for this. Despite the stakes, there are many business owners, executives and IT managers who simply don’t prioritize digital security until disaster strikes. Other decision-makers tend to view digital security as an afterthought or a nuisance, since it doesn’t have to do with operations in the direct sense.

Another reason is the proliferation of security platforms, solutions, suites and packages that address cybersecurity. Just think of how many so-called “one size fits all” digital solutions exist for home computer users. Expand this list exponentially, and you’ll get an idea of just how many solutions there are for business, government and other organizations. When we get into the area of cybersecurity, the list increases even further. Is a one-stop solution appropriate, or should an organization go with an amalgam of third party software? Many decision-makers have opted for platforms and suites they later learned lacked critical features which had to be addressed with a third party solution.

In the end, business owners, executives and IT managers are only human, and in many cases, the dizzying volume of available options and sales solicitations simply result in task paralysis and a healthy helping of good, old-fashioned procrastination. Needless to say, this is a course of action that often leads to disaster, as we can see in the news.

All-in-1: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Security

For cybersecurity solutions that encompass all aspects of an organization’s needs, beleaguered business owners, executives and IT managers need look no further. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the premier purveyor of Cloud-based security infrastructure and services. As we know, Amazon is a company that has been at the forefront of everything digital for a long time, so it shouldn’t be surprising that AWS would lead the pack in the area of cybersecurity.

With AWS, your organization will have the control and confidence needed to operate securely with the most up-to-date, flexible and secure cloud computing environment available. With AWS’ dedicated data centers and a network architected to protect your data, you’ll be able to meet core security and compliance requirements with astonishing ease!

AWS also facilitates the automation of manual security tasks, so that you can concentrate on other things—like scaling and innovating your business. If that isn’t enough, AWS was the first commercial cloud that had its service offerings and associated supply chain vetted and accepted as secure enough for top-secret data! Finally, you pay only for the services that you use, which is a major benefit given the current operational and economic climate.

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